Waste Bins and Containers

Bins are ideal for small volume contaminated soil, catalyst, activated carbons, solid sulphur and desiccants. Tervita has more than 10,000 bins of various sizes – offering customers one of the widest selections of waste shipping containers, as well as hundreds of options for conventional receptacles. Tervita uses secondary containment liners to help reduce the risks of leakage.

We currently offer Waste Container Services in Canada - please contact us if you have requirements beyond this geography.

Filter Bins (2.7 m3, 1.5 m3, 1.2 m3, 1.0 m3)

Ideal for the containment of a wide variety of filters (Sock, Amie, spin on and others), as well as the containment of contaminated rags and absorbent pads.

Self-Heating Bins (1.0 m3, 1.2 m3, 2.7 m3)

Intended for secondary containment. Specialty bins can be provided for NORMS and self-heating filters.

Poly Bin (1.0 m3) 

For secondary containment. The universal bin made of poly is lightweight and can be labeled to hold a variety of waste streams.

1.2 m3 Soil bins (1.2 m3)

For small volume contaminated soil, catalyst, activated carbons, solid sulphur and desiccants.

MSW bin (2.7 m3)

Ideal for domestic waste and is a metal bin with lockable lid. A secondary containment liner is provided in each bin.

NORM Bin (1.2 m3, 2.7 m3)

For NORM contaminated filters, PPE and non-re-usable solid materials.

Tramp Bin (2.7 m3)

Ideal for contaminated plastic and debris such as pails, empty sample containers, insulation and packaging.

Battery Bin (0.75 m3)

For any type of battery containing lead acid and other liquid electrolytes.

Open-Top Roll Off Bins

Made for residential, commercial, manufacturing and industrial companies generating construction and demolition (C&D) debris, municipal solid waste (MSW) and other recyclable streams. Available in 20, 30 or 40 cubic yard bins.

Bear-Proof Roll Off Bins

Ideal for camp waste, housing projects, parks and other high-volume MSW generators. Is available in 30 yd3 size with top lid and three access doors per side (also available without side access doors).

Sludge bins (15 yd3 or 30 yd3)

For processed sludges, contaminated soils, desiccant and catalyst. Sealed bins with gaskets and liners to safely contain waste.

Combo Bins  

Specifically designed for multiple waste streams, such as municipal solid waste, metal, recyclables, contaminated soil, filters, rags and liquid waste, such as glycol and used oil. These bins are a 30 yd3 compartmentalized bin paired with two 1.2 m3 bins for hazardous waste, each of which is capable of containing drums.

Lugger Bin

Made for environmentally sensitive wastes and complement our suite of services. They are used for contaminated soil, solids and sludge, spill material, soil staining clean-ups, pigging wax and turnaround waste. The lugger bin is available in 2.3 m¾, 3.8 m¾ and 6.9 m¾ sizes with service in certain areas of Western Canada.

Tervita Bags

Our bags are ideal for small volume contaminated soil, catalyst, activated carbons, solid sulphur and desiccants. 1.0 m3 Filter Bag, 1.0 m3 Soil Bag, 1.0 m3 Free Standing Soil Bags

Tervita Drums

Our drums are ideal for shops and low-volume waste producing facilities. The metal and poly tight-head drums are available for liquid waste, open top drums for soil and solids of either self-heating or non-self-heating waste. The self-heating filter drums are lighter than other drums to help reduce costs.