Tervita's Remediation Technologies

Environmental Remediation Equipment

  • Groundwater Pump & Treat Systems
  • Vapor Recovery Systems
  • Vapor & Fluid Vacuum Extraction Systems
  • Air & Water Carbon Filtration
  • Oil/Water Separation Equipment
  • Air/Water Testing & Monitoring Equipment
  • Emergency Containment Systems

Installation and Equipment Supply

  • Contract Technician Services
  • Installation Services for Environmental Remediation Equipment
  • Monitoring Well Installation
  • Recovery Well Installation
  • Soil and Ground Water Remediation
  • Distributor for Environmental Testing, Monitoring, Recovery and Lab Equipment

Specialized Equipment

Tervita owns and operates an extensive fleet of assets including drill rigs, support
trucks, pipe trucks, core trailers, water treatment systems, enviro-vans, water trucks
and vacuum trucks. Our extensive inventory of assets and systems perform specific
tasks accurately and efficiently. All drilling methodologies are available on track or
truck-mounted units.