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Waste Management

Waste Management | Tervita
Flexible, Integrated Solutions for Solid Waste Streams
Tervita offers integrated waste management services at every juncture of the waste cycle, from initial identification and characterization, safe bulking and packaging procedures, manifesting, tracking and reporting to the licensed transportation to waste facilities, where it is treated and then sent to its final destination.
Managing the multiple solid waste streams generated during industrial activity requires specialized knowledge, manpower, equipment and facilities, as well as an in-depth familiarity with federal and provincial environmental regulations.

Tervita has the ability and infrastructure to meet and exceed all of these requirements while accommodating a wide range of client waste-disposal needs. 

Whether you are on a budget and looking for the most cost-effective solution or are seeking waste disposal services with the most security, Tervita can customize waste treatment and disposal plans to match your business requirements. Common disposal methods include landfilling, recycling, deep well injection and incineration. 
This holistic approach enables producers to focus on their core competencies​ while relying on us to manage all of their solid waste streams.
Complete Equipment Inventory
Tervita supplies a complete inventory of waste management equipment, such as scrap metal bins, filter and soil bins, lube oil storage and mix tanks, as well as a wide assortment of secure waste containers. Customers can select the options best suited to their facilities and specific waste streams. 

In addition, Tervita maintains a full fleet and wide range of bins to handle municipal solid waste. Our roll-off trucks and bins are customized to handle inert waste (frome construction and demolition) and our personnel are trained to manage household hazardous waste. 
Safe, Onsite NORM Handling
In addition to infrastructure and waste management expertise, Tervita is also fully certified to handle NORM-contaminated waste and equipment. With a focus on safety, our onsite technicians are radiation safety officers trained to identify, transport, manifest and train others on the appropriate handling of NORM material. 
Tervita waste management services include:

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