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Environmental Construction

Environmental Construction | Tervita
​Preventing Groundwater Migration
The ability of groundwater to migrate and carry potential contaminants with it can be a big issue for oil and gas producers. There is often a need to create waste storage capacity onsite to efficiently manage the solid, liquid and sludge-based waste streams that result from intensive hydrocarbon production. 
Specialized Knowledge Key to Impermeable Structures
Tervita has acquired specialized knowledge and techniques in the construction of effective, long-term storage ponds or landfills. Our environmental construction techniques ensure the secure containment of waste products. The key is creating an impermeable structure that ensures waste products are not discharged or leached unintentionally.
Containment Through Barrier Construction
Our environmental construction practice is also focused on construction technologies that control or contain liquids or contaminants by creating barriers – through the use of techniques such as cut-off wall construction, sheet piling, interceptor trench and funnel and gate technologies. 
Following is a complete listing of the specialized environmental construction services Tervita offers:

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