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Energy Marketing

Energy Marketing | Tervita
​Maximizing Value
At Tervita, we help our customers add value to their recovered oil volumes and waste materials. Since 2004, our in-house Energy Marketing department has developed specialized expertise to support energy producers with the flexibility they need to optimize netbacks.
Efficient Movement to the Pipeline  
An important part of this value comes from our extensive network of treatment, recovery and disposal (TRD) facilities and their connections to the pipeline grid. Our single shipper status enables us to gather, upgrade and direct recovered oil into the pipeline grid very efficiently.
Back-up Services
In addition, our TRD facility network offers producers a valuable back-up service if they experience operational problems requiring alternate transportation and delivery of their products to market.
Our Energy Marketing services are competitive, transparent and reliable, with people onsite in our facilities on a 24-hour-a-day basis.



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