High River Recovery

Tervita worked on the cleanup of infrastructure and heavily damaged residences in the Town of High River.

High River Recovery

On July 18, 2013 Tervita received a provincial contract for the cleanup of infrastructure and heavily damaged residences in the Town of High River.

Ongoing Work

  • Tervita is currently involved in the demolition of seven homes.
  • Rebuilding, restoring and strengthening the dikes and berms around the town.
  • Armouring the Highwood River bank on the town’s northwest side.
  • Remediating storm ponds.
  • Restoring six parks in the community, including the reconstruction of pathways.

Residential and Reclamation Work

  • Tervita completed residential remediation work in late December 2013.
  • Tervita assessed more than 430 homes designated Not Fit for Habitation (NFH).
  • Maintained and managed a call-in hotline for residents to call with questions or updates on their home.
  • Alberta Health Services (AHS) has rescinded the NFH designation on 358 homes. Those homeowners now have safe access to their home to begin renovations.

Completed Work

  • Cleared and inspected more than 50 kilometers of storm sewers to remove silt and debris deposited by the flood.
  • Removed more than 60,000 cubic metres of rock and flood debris from the Highwood River to improve the flow of the river and mitigate future flood risk and damage. Rock removed from the river has been stockpiles for future flood remediation.
  • Removed more than 920 metres of rails, ties and related railway infrastructure damaged by the floods.
  • Installed an aquadam on the Highwood River and removed water from under the Montrose Bridge, on 5th Street SE, in preparation for demolition.
  • Graded land north of the Centre Street bridge.
  • Graded land at the temporary business park at Centre Street and 4th Ave.
  • Refurbished the Highwood High School, previously home to the Emergency Operations Centre, in time for classes to resume.
  • Restored a community park on Riverside Drive NW.
  • Removed silt from street medians around the community.
  • Managed logistics for the town transit to ensure residents have reliable transportation in town.
  • Removed the Centre Street rail bridge and the small rail bridge over Lineham Canal.
  • Repaired the rodeo grounds.

High River community

Community Support

As a proud partner in the town’s renewal, we continue to support the High River community, including a recent donation to the Highwood Museum.

  • Tervita participated in High River’s Santa Claus parade during the 2013 holiday season. Using decorations purchased from High River’s Peavey Mart, our Tervita truck was a crowd favourite! Following the parade, we donated the decorations and lights to the Salvation Army and a local merchant.
  • Tervita and Outland Camps hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for more than 700 residents of the Saddlebrook temporary housing communityon Oct. 14, 2013. Volunteers included federal, provincial and municipal leaders, Tervita employees and Outland Camps.

More Information

The Town of High River

For general inquiries, contact:
Phone: (403) 652-6960 or 211

For flood-contaminated debris removal, contact:
Phone: (403) 652-4657

Alberta Health Services

For home assessments, contact:
Phone: (403) 943-2295

Government of Alberta

For more information or to apply, contact:
Phone: (403) 310-4455

If you have already applied to the DRP, contact:
Phone: 1-888-671-1111

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries, please contact the Tervita media relations at 1-866-537-1207