Our Safety Performance

Safety Matters in ALL that we do. We are working every day to build a culture of safety at Tervita, where our people choose safe behaviours naturally and without hesitation to prevent harm to our people and the communities where we work. We believe the best way to impact our lagging indicators, such as Total Recordable Incident Frequency (TRIF), is by delivering on a clear set of leading indicators, such as training, management systems and communication tools.

We are focused on communicating our safety expectations clearly and consistently across our operations, and providing tools to our employees and contractors to help them make safe decisions.

Our employees and contractors must manage safety in alignment with our Health and Safety Policy. The policy is supported by our Tervita Safety Absolutes that outline our expectations for performing high-risk tasks.

Over the past six years, Tervita has steadily approached a Total Recordable Incident Frequency (TRIF) of less than 1.0; a direct reflection of our efforts to instill Tervita’s safety commitment and values across our entire organization.