Our Safety Absolutes

Tervita is committed to providing our employees with a safe work environment. To support our employees, the Tervita Safety Absolutes provide clarity about our standards and our expectations of how high-risk tasks will be completed. 

If these conditions cannot be achieved, we actively encourage and support our employees to STOP and refuse unsafe work until a safe work environment can be assured. We expect our employees to work in accordance with these standards.

Tervita Safety Absolute - Safety Tie-off


  • This does not include access/egress – three-point contact is expected
  • Select a suitable fall arrest system
  • Use a full-body harness with double lanyard to ensure 100 per cent tie-off
  • Only persons with valid fall protection certification may work at height of 10 ft / 3 m or higher
  • Anchor points need to be planned and must be able to withstand 5,000 lbs or 22.2 kilonewton of force
  • Persons using fall arrest systems are responsible for daily inspection
  • Ensure arrangements are in place for rescue

Tervita Safety Absolute - Suspended Load


  • Stand clear of suspended load, defined as an object lifted or held by mechanical means for placement
  • Never walk or work immediately under a suspended load
  • Ensure suitable barriers (red barrier tape or physical barriers) are in place to prevent unauthorized access
  • Never cross a barrier without authorization

Tervita Safety Absolute - Confined Space


  • Do not enter a confined space without authorization
  • Verify that gas testing has been completed prior to and during confined space entry
  • Ensure approved work permit is in place and that all permit requirements are met
  • Must have a competent confined space entry supervisor and stand-by person
  • Confirm suitable communications are established and tested
  • A rescue plan must be in place with the required rescue equipment available

Tervita Safety Absolute - Driving


  • Follow company driving rules
  • Always wear your seatbelt
  • No driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Always obey local legislated driving laws
  • Only hands-free communication devices are permitted
  • No texting or emailing

Tervita Safety Absolute - Lock out Tag out


Isolate all energy before starting work. LOTO is a process to isolate and control hazardous energy.

  • Identify sources of stored energy and the isolations required to provide a safe work environment
  • Allow only competent personnel to perform isolations
  • Verify and confirm no sources of stored energy remain
  • Isolation effectiveness is periodically monitored
  • Confirm all jobs are complete prior to reinstatement

Tervita Safety Absolute - Underground Hazard


Ground disturbance involves a man-made cut or trench to a depth ≥ 12 inches.

  • Ensure that all underground hazards (i.e. pipelines, electric cables, etc) have been identified and located. Double locate is required – at least one by a Tervita representative.
  • Ensure you have safe means of entry into and exit out of the excavation
  • Ensure physical barriers are in place to prevent access on site by workers or general public
  • Occupied excavation/trench must be benched, sloped or shored to prevent cave-in
  • A rescue plan must be in place with the required rescue equipment available
  • Continuously monitor ground/environmental conditions and plan accordingly

Tervita Safety Absolute - Hazardous Materials


Identify all hazardous materials and atmospheres.

  • Identify all materials and atmospheres as hazardous or non-hazardous
  • If unable to identify, treat as hazardous until proven otherwise
  • Verify and understand the material data safety sheet (MSDS) requirements
  • For hazardous materials, ensure that MSDS is part of all field level risk assessments
  • Ensure required personal protective equipment is available and people are competent in its use
  • Ensure an emergency response and spill plan is in place

Tervita Safety Absolute - Weight


Do not lift / carry / pull / push hazardous loads.

  • Identify requirements: mechanical, two person, one person
  • Ensure you understand the load – weight and size
  • Plan and inspect your route
  • Lift within your personal capabilities. No use of personal lifting aids, such as back belts
  • Ensure workers are trained in proper manual handling techniques

Tervita Safety Absolute - Safety Devices


Do not remove or bypass safety devices. Examples of safety-critical equipment include, but are not limited to, rotating equipment guards, relief valves, alarm systems, crane computers and in-vehicle monitoring systems.

  • Authorized removal or tampering of safety devices is not permitted
  • If you discover a missing, tampered or damaged safety device, stop/refuse work and report immediately to a supervisor
  • Plan and inspect your route
  • If work requires a safety device to be bypassed or override, such as planned maintenance on fire/gas system, authorization is required from a supervisor