About Us

About Us

Corporate Overview

We Are Tervita - a leading environmental solutions provider.

Corporate Overview

With a relentless focus on safety, efficiency and regulatory compliance, we deliver on our value promise – minimizing impact, maximizing returns™ – for customers and partners in oil and gas, mining, industry, community and government.

This means that from the start to the end of every project, our integrated earth, water, waste and resource solutions will minimize your impacts and liabilities while maximizing recovery, improving sustainability and enhancing your reputation. 

Our dedicated employees understand the challenges you’re up against at every project stage:


Exploration and Development - Risk is high. Costs are soaring. Results are imperative. 

When you need to maximize completions, minimize land disturbance and manage waste, smart, proactive solutions are a must. 


Production - So much waste. So many safety considerations. So much untapped potential.

Keep efficiency and safety at the forefront as you optimize asset performance and recover value while keeping waste in check.



Abandonment and Reclamation - Does it have to be such a burden on our books? And our reputation?

With an integrated program that keeps compliance top of mind, you’ll be leaving a legacy, not a liability.


Among the numerous reasons Tervita is the environmental solutions provider of choice for so many customers, several stand out:

Unmatched experience // Since 1979, Tervita has been advancing and expanding our services to stay a step ahead of the industry’s exacting standards and your ever-evolving needs.

Regulatory knowledge beyond compare // From more than three decades of industry experience, Tervita has gained the deep and detailed regulatory knowledge that’s essential to total compliance.

Fully integrated solutions from a single source // With Tervita, you get seamless service and a comprehensive range of integrated solutions from a single company.

A strategic network of state-of-the-art facilities // To manage all your waste streams as efficiently as possible, Tervita has strategically established a network of state-of-the-art facilities.

Safety is our highest priority// Tervita has dedicated H&S and Environment programs aimed at sustaining our proven safety record; and for our dedicated employees, safety is always the highest priority.

Increased netbacks through value recovery // Through the recovery of metals, sulphur, oil and other products and through intelligent energy marketing, Tervita will help maximize your netbacks.