Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Investment and Partnerships

Being a good corporate citizen is an important part of our past, present and future success. Caring for the environment, for communities and for our people defines who we are as employees and as a company.

Investment and Partnerships

Our Community Investment program was designed to support the sustainability and quality of life of communities where we live and work. We look for partnerships that give us the opportunity to make a difference in communities where our people live and work, with tangible outcomes.

Tervita partners with organizations that align with each of the pillars outlined below:

  1. Environment – to support the conservation, protection and responsible use of land and water;
  2. Safety – to prepare for emergencies, prevent injuries and keep communities secure;
  3. Education – to support life-long learning and innovation; and
  4. Imagination – to inspire outstanding achievements in arts and culture and science and technology.

We are interested in community involvement opportunities to leverage our workforce as volunteers in the community. If your organization aligns with our pillars and needs volunteers, mentors and/or board members, please email us at:

Our Partnerships

Job Skills Safety Society

Created in 1991 to address the issue of workplace injuries and fatalities among young workers, the Job Skills Safety Society works collaboratively with educators, industry, government and the community at large to provide young workers with safety training prior to entering the workforce.

Missing Children Society of Canada

The Missing Children Society of Canada's mandate is to provide frontline, hands-on investigation and search activities from experienced law enforcement specialists at no charge to parents.

Tervita supported the development of MCSC’s CodeSearch program, a smartphone application that notifies participants when a child has gone missing. With operations across Canada, employees create an expansive network of people, many of whom are in rural and remote areas and can be the eyes and ears on the ground to assist law enforcement with a search for a missing child.


The Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS) is an air ambulance service that provides exceptional pre-hospital mobile emergency medical care to the critically ill and injured. STARS can save lives and is particularly vital in supporting trauma victims injured in remote locations.

Coalition for a Safer 63 and 881

Highway 63 and Highway 881 around the oil sands and Athabasca area in Alberta have seen hundreds of vehicle-related injuries and dozens of fatalities over the past several years.

These tragedies point to the need for change – and twinning Highway 63 and Highway 881 is only part of the solution. The other part is changing how we drive. That’s where the Coalition for a Safer 63 & 881 comes in. The Coalition works to engage and educate drivers, helping them identify their dangerous driving habits and offering them safe alternatives.

Nature Conservancy of Canada

The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) is Canada's leading national land conservation organization. A private, non-profit organization, they partner with individuals, corporations, other non-profit organizations and governments at all levels to protect our most important natural treasures — the natural areas that sustain Canada’s plants and wildlife. They secure properties (through donation, purchase, conservation agreement and the relinquishment of other legal interests in land) and manage them for the long term.

Legacy Children’s Foundation – Alberta: Gift of Music Program

Since 2006, Legacy has been working hard to create all-inclusive music programming in Alberta that engages financially challenged families and vulnerable and at risk children and youth in potential life altering experiences. Tervita supports the development of music programming in the Fort McMurray, Alberta area, called Instruments of Change.

Empowering Minds

Driven by the belief that every person is born with the ability to lead, the Werklund Foundation founded Empowering Minds™ programs in 2006. The ongoing response to the program highlighted the simple truth – that Empowering Minds™ training was penetrating the core of many social issues, giving students the confidence to lead and better preparing them to combat today’s most difficult developmental issues, including bullying and peer pressure.