Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Tervita - Community Matters

Tervita strives to be a neighbour of choice. Wherever we conduct business, we work hard to do it right.

Tervita - Community Matters

Our community involvement has taught us the way to make this happen is by nurturing open, honest and transparent relationships. Behaving consistently in this manner is fundamental to building trust.

Our interactions are guided by our desire to build and maintain value-added, long-term relationships with communities, Indigenous peoples, regulatory agencies and non-governmental organizations to support our ongoing community involvement processes and social license to operate.

Indigenous Relations Guiding Principles

Tervita is committed to building positive relationships with Indigenous communities based on respect, trust and open communication.

Respect - Tervita respects the inherent rights and diversity as asserted by First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities across Canada.

Community - Tervita supports local community initiatives that reflect our commitment to sustainability and the quality of life of communities where we live and work.

Relationships - Tervita’s relationships with these communities are based on the development of new projects and existing operations, as well as community interests.

Participation - Tervita is an equal-opportunity organization. We encourage Indigenous community members to seek employment and business opportunities with our company.

Partnerships - Tervita partners with regional and national organizations that foster increased participation of Indigenous community members in our industry.