Corporate Social Responsibility

For Tervita, corporate responsibility is an integrated component of our business model. We provide solutions with purpose. That means rather than offering discrete services with no thought to their cumulative impact, we look at the potential long-term outcomes of our work. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a dedicated sustainability partner to our customers, and strive for excellence in sustainability performance at our own operations. The key components of corporate responsibility at Tervita are:

Health and Safety

Safety influences our actions, guides our decisions and shapes our culture. We believe our employees are entitled to productive, healthy careers in an incident-free workplace. We extend this philosophy further, to include our family members, our contractors, our customers and every community in which we work. ‘Safety Matters in ALL that we do’ is our commitment to keeping safety top of mind in all aspects of our lives.


Because it is home to every living thing, the Earth Matters - making what Tervita does all that more important. We are committed to supporting the environmental compliance of our customers, and maintaining a strong track record of our own.


Wherever Tervita does business, we strive to do it right. While it is the government that gives us an operating permit, it is the community and our community relations partners who ultimately grant us their permission. Our interactions are guided by our desire to build and maintain value-added, long-term relationships with communities, Aboriginal peoples, regulatory agencies and non-governmental organizations to support our ongoing community involvement processes and social license to operate.


Our vision, mission and values underpin how we behave as a good corporate citizen. Guiding our actions is our dedication to ethical business practices, respect for our stakeholders and advancing technical innovation.

Industry Association Memberships

Tervita is a member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) and Petroleum Services Association of Canada (PSAC). As part of our PSAC membership, we participate in the Community Partners program, which provides practical guidelines that make it easy for all employees and contractors to work more courteously around their neighbours, including taking actions like closing gates, never littering, slowing down on dusty roads and using designated traffic routes. For more information on the program, please visit communitypartners.ca